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Simple Ways To Improve Your Staircases Appearance

Contemporary Staircases: A classic interior has a number of features. It not only looks elegant but also emit heat. Furniture and stairs in wood are best fitted there. Choose a classic wooden staircase is almost self-evident. 

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Simple staircase or spiral staircase? 

To start with, you need to decide on the type of classical staircases. You can go for a simple, rolling element or spiral staircase. The latter is very well suited in a classic interior, but is not very practical, especially when you are getting older. 

Why to choose a classic wooden staircase? 

Are you renovating a house in the classical style? Then a stair renovation is the preferred method. In that case you do not have to choose the type of stairs. As for the style you may have pampered for choice. For a classic stage, it is best to work with wood because a wood matches well with your furniture and wooden floor covering. 

What kind of wood is the best choice? 

Oak wood is the most used type to coat a classic staircase because this wood is very strong and durable, therefore perfect for stairs. Furthermore, wood provides a warm atmosphere and available in different colors such as Oak Mountain or San Diego Oak, a lighter version. For a Classic with modern touch you can choose gray Silver Oak or Oak Vintage. You can also fit other types of wood such as pine with a conventional staircase.

You can build stairs in a traditional way. You can cover the entire staircase, including steps, risers, the sideboard and the banister with timber or you can add a combo of metal and wood in risers or handrail so as to match the rest of your interior. Of course, the decision remains with you. 

Staircases renovation in classic decor 


A staircase renovation in classical style is very simple; the hardest work is choosing which stage you want! Thestaircompanyuk professionals will visit you and measure the exact proportions of each step. They also offer installation services. So you renovate your old staircase in a flash, and each stage change into the classical stage of your dreams! To know more about staircases Sheffield styles, visit

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